Govt. Watchdog Group: Hillary ‘Worst Ethics Violator’ of 2015 

In News That Should Surprise No One, a government watchdog group has released a list of eight politicians it considers the worst ethics violators in the entire Washington, D.C. swamp. Even among that crowd, Hillary Clinton stands out as being in a “league of her own.”


As Written by Mark Tapson for Truth Revolt:

“Overwhelming evidence shows that she abused her official position.”

The Daily Caller reports that a report from the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), a non-partisan group which nonetheless receives funding from conservative groups, said of the Democratic party’s presidential frontrunner,

“During her time as Secretary of State, overwhelming evidence shows, primarily through the State Department’s release of her emails, that she abused her official position.”

The group recently filed a complaint with the Office of Governmental Ethics asking it to investigate Clinton over a possible …


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