Grand Jury Empaneled for Sanders Fraud Charges

When you impanel a Grand Jury, you usually have enough evidence to be well on your way to getting a conviction. You at least have enough to justify further investigation. Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders has been accused of fraud in the Burlington College scandal. The college wound up going bankrupt after a land deal by Ms. Sanders. Bernie is now implicated in a strange way. You have to be careful that you do not through your weight around. 

As Written and Reported By Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge:

An FBI probe into a 2010 property deal orchestrated by Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), has escalated after a report by VTDIGGER reveals that a grand jury has been empaneled, and at least one witness has given sworn testimony in the case.

According to VTDigger, “Former Burlington College board member Robin Lloyd says she testified for about an hour on Oct. 26 before a grand jury at the federal courthouse in Burlington.”

Paul Van de Graaf, chief of the criminal division for the U.S. attorneys office in Vermont, questioned Lloyd about her role as the development chair of the colleges board of trustees during a period when Sanders was collecting donations and pledges for the purchase of a $10 million city lakefront property. –VTDigger

The Grand Jury will decide whether or not indictments should be handed down over a $10 million loan orchestrated by Jane Sanders purchase a 33 acre property for the now defunct Burlington College – allegedly obtained through a ‘fraudulent scheme.’ Mrs. Sanders is accused of having lied about funding for transaction, while the FBI has also been looking into claims that Bernie Sanders’ office pressured the bank to approve the loan……


Grand Jury Empaneled In $10 Million Fraud Probe Involving Jane And Bernie Sanders | Zero Hedge

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