Great Crisis Inside the Left Worldwide

It appears that both political parties are in crisis but it is the liberal idea that is in real trouble. The left has gone so far left that it has frozen itself into an untenable position. The left cannot compromise or work toward any consensus with the right. If you need to know why that is, you need to read further. 

As Written By John Horvat II for American Thinker:

Conservatives often complain about the lamentable state of their movement. They would do well to look left.  Liberals are in greater trouble, and they know it.

The recent special elections for vacant House seats made this evident. The thrashing liberals received in the 2016 elections were also a sign of an inability to communicate their message.  Gone are the days in which liberals worked inside a consensus and engaged in debate with others. Everywhere, liberal democracy seems to be endangered by the breakdown of political discourse.

This is due to a great crisis inside the left worldwide. It is no longer a movement of ideas. Liberals have no new ideas because they have adopted such an extreme relativism that they no longer strongly believe in anything. Everything is fluid and undefined. In this way, they have undermined their own foundation of logic and authority that is essential to the functioning of any political movement.

As a result, the old days of rational debate are over. The left exploits emotions and resentments, but can no longer be held to the logic of ideas.

The left also has little passion. Passion requires strong beliefs worth fighting for. To be effective, it must be focused and directed by vision. However, many liberals now admit that they have no vision. Their ranks are full of aging militants who lack dynamism. More often than not, its most ardent activists, like those of “the resistance” or Black Lives Matter engage in erratic and irrational behavior that alienates the population as a whole…….


Articles: Liberals Are in Trouble – and They Know It

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