Great Reason to Fear ‘The Bannon’

Yes, incumbent Republicans have great reason to fear The Bannon. Steve Bannon has been created and empowered by the very politicians that now fear him. They need look no further than the non-delivery of their 2016 political promises. They have stumbled and bumbled until the conservative faithful have had enough. 

You can go back to the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. That has been handled so badly, you can tell they were not ready for holding all the marbles in Washinton. The immigration problem cries for a Congressional decision. No one has the courage to handle it. Tax reform is now on the block. How many incumbents will fall? Start counting.

As Written By Ned Ryun for The Hill:

Washington, D.C. is finally feeling the crisp notes of fall in the air, and establishment Republicans are whispering ghost stories about the monster that wanders the country outside their swampy fiefdom.

“The Bannon” is striking fear into the hearts of  pearl-clutching Republicans in D.C., terrified they might be on his 2018 list. But just like many ghost stories, this “monster” is one of their own creation.

Steve Bannon’s power in 2018 lies almost exclusively in the fact that Republicans have failed to fulfill the campaign promises, fueled by tens of millions of dollars off those promises, that have propelled them into office over the last decade.

Perhaps they should take a break from their wailing and look in the mirror, for beyond a shadow of a doubt they have created him and given him the opportunity to bring all of their scheming down.

Washington has a very short memory, roughly on the level of a fruit fly’s, and those bemoaning what they view as kamikaze politics fail to remember that in the late 1990s, Republicans, mostly those in the Senate, faced the same type of environment — and anger — from their base as the …….

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