Guess Who Assisted in Writing the President’s UN Speech?

It is felt by all except his detractors, that President Trump gave a masterful UN speech. It covered all the things that the President’s supporters were hoping that it would say. It was a brave and forceful speech that called out things as they are viewed in the real world. There was no parsing of words and no political double-speak.Better yet, it was couched in plain language so that anyone with half a brain could understand. It goes without saying that the President had help in writing such a great speech. Not that he is not capable, but it definitely helps to have more than one mind working on the task. Now it is curious as to who that help is. The White House gives credit to White House policy adviser Stephen Miller. Then there is Sebastian Gorka. He wants to take credit for the help that he and Steve Bannon gave to the speech. So, who is it?

As Written By Robert Donaachie for the Daily Caller:

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and former White House counterterrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka reportedly assisted with writing President Donald Trump’s address to the United Nations, Gorka told Newsweek Thursday.

The two former presidential advisers helped write Trump’s speech shortly before their exit from the White House in August.

“The individual who wrote that speech—and it’s not the person they normally say it is—came to Steve and myself and sat in Steve’s office with me before we left the White House and we consulted with him on what that speech should be about,” Gorka told reporters.

The New York Times reported Monday that White House policy adviser Stephen Miller wrote the president’s U.N. speech, which casts some doubt on Gorka’s statement.

The White House said Thursday that Gorka’s comments were “100 percent false and Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon played no role in the…….


Bannon, Gorka Wrote Trump’s UN Speech | The Daily Caller

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