Guest Goes Off on CNN Telling Them Why People Don’t Trust Them [Video]

[VIDEO]  A CNN panel got an earful on their problem of considering conservatives as wrong, stupid, and racist. Alabama radio talk show host Dale Jackson delivered the lesson in journalism during a panel interview. As you might expect, it was greeted with denial and consternation.

They were talking about why no one in Alabam trusted the mainstream media. They simply do not get it that they are partly responsible for Judge Roy Moore surviving all their attacks. The video is worth watching, too.

As Written By Ryan Saavedra for the Daily Wire:

Alabama talk radio host Dale Jackson ripped CNN and the rest of the mainstream media on Sunday during an episode of “Reliable Sources” with host Brian Stelter, as he explained why people do not trust the network.

During the segment, Stelter was trying to understand why people in Alabama were still supporting Roy Moore after explosive allegations published by The Washington Post several weeks ago.

“Why in the world would people believe the things that are said if it’s always negative over and over and over and over again?” Jackson said. “That weaponizes the term fake news.”

Jackson continued, “The bottom line is this — people don’t trust you guys and the reason they don’t trust you is because you are constantly telling them they are wrong, they are stupid, they are racists, and …….



GUEST SLAMS CNN: ‘People Don’t Trust You Guys’ Because You Tell Them They Are Wrong, Stupid, And Racist | Daily Wire

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