H.C. McMasters Dismisses Two National Security Council Employees

H.C. McMasters asserts his authority over the National Security Council with the firing of two staffers close to Presidential adviser, Steve Bannon. This comes immediately after General Kelly takes over a White House Chief of Staff. As you read this article, you may begin to think that the revolving door at the White House is still in operation. Is Steve Bannon now standing near the exit? Read this and see what you think.

As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

The John Kelly era has officially begun.

Is Bannon himself next?

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence on the National Security Council, has been dismissed from the White House, two senior administration officials who are not authorized to discuss personnel matters told Conservative Review on Wednesday…

He has been described as an “Iran hawk” who wanted to revamp counter-Iran efforts in the Middle East, and sought to reform the intelligence community to rein in the “deep state” of unaccountable bureaucrats with rogue agendas.

Cohen-Watnick is the latest Trump loyalist to be fired by Gen. McMaster, whose security council continues to be overwhelmingly staffed with Obama holdovers (almost all of whom have retained their positions).

Cohen-Watnick’s firing is a big deal on two levels. One is that he was allegedly the staffer who helped lead Devin Nunes to the raw intelligence reports that jumpstarted the “unmasking” investigation into Obama natsec personnel. The CIA reportedly wanted him outaround that same time, possibly because of his role in the unmasking probe, possibly for other reasons. Purging him now suggests that McMaster, at least, regrets the NSC’s role in that controversy. The other key point about Cohen-Watnick is that McMaster did try to fire him months ago — and was blocked by Trump, at the urging of both Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner. Now, suddenly, two days after John Kelly assumed control in the West Wing, McMaster finally gets his wish and Cohen-Watnick is gone. That’s almost as much a statement of Kelly’s new authority as canning Anthony Scaramucci was.

The other purged staffer is Rich Higgins, who was “seen as an ally of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon” and reportedly let go on July 21st. The alleged cause: A memo he wrote that frames the national security challenges faced by Trump in terms familiar to populist right-wing media but at odds with McMaster’s own worldview:

Higgins’s memo describes supposed domestic and international threats to Trump’s presidency, including globalists, bankers, the …..


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