Harry Reid Issues Slimy Statement on Iran Deal Vote

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., will try to prevent the Senate from voting on President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. In a statement issued on Saturday, Reid said that Democrats would attempt to use the filibuster to prevent the Senate from holding even a symbolic vote on the issue, which would likely result in an embarrassing outcome for Democrats.

As Reported By The Washington Examiner:

I recently informed Senator McConnell that after a period of robust debate, Democrats would be happy to proceed straight to a final passage vote, Reid said in the statement, suggesting robust debate was a coy way of saying that the debate will not end unless Republicans can muster 60 votes to do so.

Under the terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act passed earlier this year, the Senate has the option of voting in favor of the deal, voting against it or taking no action at all. If the Senate were to vote against the deal, President Obama would still be able to veto the action. At least 67 votes would be required to override such a veto.


Reid to prevent vote on Iran nuclear deal | Washington Examiner

In his statement, Reid skillfully avoided talking about the deal or saying that it was his intention to prevent a vote, devoting just 274 words to the matter. He spent more than twice as many words — 569 — quoting GOP leader Mitch McConnell, R-K.Y., who often spoke in defense of filibusters when Republicans were in the minority.

Remember when Senator Harry Reid said this?


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