Harry Reid throws up opposition to fast track bill that would give Congress final say on Iran deal

As reported by the AP in an interview with Senator Harry Reid today:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Key Senate Democrats led by Minority Leader Harry Reid announced their opposition Wednesday to fast action on a bill giving Congress final say on any nuclear deal with Iran.

The development appeared likely to upend GOP plans to move swiftly on the bill following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday speech to Congress in which he railed against the emerging agreement.

“I think we are better off on things relating to the Iran deal to wait until we see if there can be something negotiated,” Reid said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“And if there is something negotiated which allows a deal, then we should all jump in with all the energy we have. But until then I think it takes away from the fact that we might get a deal that’s a good deal.”



AP INTERVIEW: Reid wants Congress to delay Iran legislation – Yahoo News.

Reid throws up opposition to fast track bill


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