Has Chief of Staff John Kelly Lost Control of the WH Staff?

As President Trump’s Chief of Staff, General John Kelly has done a great job of putting a stop to the bickering and rivalry that sorely affect Trump’s first days in office. Not only did the General put a virtual stop to the leaks emanating from the White House, he helped the President get improving poll numbers. Now there seems to be a breach in the wall over the scandal of accused wife-beater Rob Porter.

As Written and Reported By Peter Hasson for the Daily Caller:

White House chief of staff John Kelly has successfully cracked down on leaks flowing out of the West Wing since he took over in July, but he now finds himself on the receiving end of damaging leaks from senior staffers over his handling of the Rob Porter scandal.

Porter resigned as staff secretary on Tuesday after two of his ex-wives accused him of physically beating them during their marriages. Photos emerged showing each of the women with black eyes, allegedly from Porter.

Kelly has come under fire in the media for initially defending Porter as “a man of true integrity and honor” before later walking it back. Now, Kelly is being undermined by fellow White House aides.

Details of a White House staff meeting about the Porter situation on Friday were leaked to The Washington Post almost immediately. Two sources, described as senior White House officials, told the Post that Kelly instructed them to contradict the White House’s initial account of Porter’s departure.

“During a staff meeting, Kelly told those in attendance to say he took action to remove Porter within 40 minutes of learning that abuse allegations from two ex-wives were credible, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of ……


White House Staff Leak Against John Kelly | The Daily Caller

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