Has Cold War Brinkmanship Started?


While Russia threatens to use its nuclear force against the United States and its allies if NATO moves more forces into the Baltic states or if attempts are made to return Crimea to Ukraine, military experts from all around the world are weighing in whether NATO will (or can, for that matter) attack Russia.

The questions are: how much more NATO is willing to tolerate before it loses its nerve? Who’s going to attack whom first?

ValueWalk asked these questions to Evgeni Solovyov, a retired Russian Army General and a Military Strategies and Technologies expert. “Well, it’s funny you ask it now. With the recent news of Russia threatening to start nuclear war it’s not that simple now,” he said.

“It sure seems like Russia is testing the West, particularly the United States. It also seems like Russia is okay with the fact that World War 3 can be easily started any day. I mean, could we possibly imagine some country threatening other countries – not just one country! – to use its nuclear force without getting a robust and cohesive response, like, one and a half years ago?” Evgeni Solovyov asked.

In his opinion, in case Russia pulls something similar to what it did in Ukraine – annexing Crimea and supplying weapons to pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhansk) – NATO might respond with military force.



Will Or Can NATO Attack Russia?.

TU95 Russian Bear bomber

Has Cold War Brinkmanship Started?

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