Hayden “Obama Threw The CIA Under The Bus”

It has always been an axiom that the victors get to write history as they see it. If it is carried too far it becomes a revisionist history that is nowhere near the actual occurrence. That is the opening salvo in this review of Michael Hayden’s recent book, Playing To The Edge, By Elise Cooper. The personnel of the CIA and Michael Hayden feel that the have been cut adrift and/or thrown under the bus by the current administration. Not surprising in a presidency run with a Devil-take-the-hindmost form of leadership.  Read the review and see what you think.


As Written By Elise Cooper, American Thinker:

Michael Hayden’s recent book, Playing To The Edge, describes the strategies of America’s spy agencies and explains why certain programs needed to be implemented.  It also delves into the political, legal, defense, technical, and budget restrictions he faced during his tenure as a director of the NSA and CIA.

(This is the second of two interviews with Michael Hayden.)

One of the most powerful parts of the book is when Hayden reminds Americans that those working for him are human beings who have dealt with great burdens, many times feeling unappreciated by the public, media, Congress, and the current administration.  Hayden explained to American Thinker that many of those deployed in the military have some kind of support, but that emotional support was nearly non-existent at the CIA.  Because of this, his wife Jeanine tirelessly worked with the families, instrumental in setting up a class that explained to spouses how to live with and manage “cover.”  Even more important, at case officers’ graduations, their parents were not present, so she filled in with that responsibility, becoming a surrogate.

Support was not forthcoming for those in the intelligence community.  The book discusses how the Obama administration, which includes but is not limited to people such as John Brennan, attempted to change the legal and political landscape.  The current CIA director, Brennan, appeared to have a revisionist memory when he recently said on 60 Minutes that he had misgivings and concerns about the Enhanced Interrogation Program.  When asked,


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