Henry Kissinger had this to say about the Donald Trump Presidency

Henry Kissinger is a former Secretary of State and is now a political analyst. He appeared on Face the Nation and weighed in on how he sees the potential for Donald Trump. It is easy to see that Mr. Kissinger expects Mr. Trump to be a highly successful President. What is more interesting is why he thinks this.

As Written By Cathy Burke for Newsmax:

Former Secretary of State and revered GOP political scientist Henry Kissinger declared “something remarkable” could emerge from President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign policy, and that he has the chance of going down in history as “a very considerable president.”

In an interview on “Face the Nation” aired Sunday, Kissinger said he gave “huge credit” to Trump for “having analyzed an aspect of the American situation,” developed a strategy “and prevail” — even against the GOP leadership.

“I had not thought of him as a presidential candidate until he became a presidential candidate,” he said. “In the first appearances,I thought it was a transitory phenomenon. Now his challenge is to apply that same skill to the international situation.”

On the international stage, Trump is “a ….

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Kissinger: Trump Could Go Down in History as a ‘Considerable President’

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