Here are 4 Questions Conservatives Should be asking about the ‘Russian election hacking’

When it comes to questions about the possibility of Russia hacking, there are plenty to ask. Remember that because the voting precincts are autonomous and not hook up to the internet, classic hacking or vote changing are not possible. What the Russians are accused of is influencing the election. Just like Obama tried to do to Netanyahu in Israel. With that in mind, read these 4 questions.

As Written Benjamin Weingarten for Conservative Review:

It’s about time the Left recognize Russia as the adversary it is.

In the annals of post-election excuses in a normal year, a Russian plot to undermine a failed U.S. presidential candidate would be laughed out of the room by our media and political class. But not so in 2016, when up is down and Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton.

Never in fact has the Democratic Party been so thoroughly pro-CIA and anti-Russian as it is now in the wake of the revelation of a (no longer) secret CIA assessment indicating that Russia not only hacked DNC emails, but sought to damage Hillary Clinton in order to catapult Donald Trump to the presidency.

Is the charge of Russian interference in U.S. elections just another chapter in the Left’s post-election freak-out, or a legitimate issue that we ought to take seriously?

As I have asserted in the past, Russia has achieved one major objective it has always sought, regardless of the other motives to which politicians and pundits ascribe to it. As a result of the alleged Russian hacks, Russia has inserted itself into an American election, thus not only sowing political discord and chaos, but, more importantly, calling into question the integrity of our system.

Beyond that end, it is worth examining four other points regarding the various hacks in light of a newfound Russia hysteria on the Left that seems to fit the narrative of Jill Stein’s recount of casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election itself.

Before moving to them, I would ask that my fellow conservatives pause to congratulate your leftist friends for finally coming around to seeing Russia as an adversary, and election integrity as something worth ensuring.

1. Why did U.S. officials leak the supposedly secret CIA assessment claiming Russia hacked the DNC to advance Trump’s cause to the public?

Any time a foreign power takes action that may affect a U.S. election, it ought to be fully investigated, the evidence heavily scrutinized and the findings and recommendations for follow-up action taken very seriously. To the degree to which information can be shared with the American people that does not sacrifice U.S. sources and methods, it ought to be shared. If an adversary is found guilty of wrongdoing, said adversary should be punished, swiftly.

But reports that the intelligence community (IC), and in particular the CIA, not only has evidence of Russian hacking, but based on circumstantial evidence believes the Russians actively worked to elect Donald Trump by way of such efforts is a major charge. Making that charge without unanimity in the IC, given the FBI’s reticence on the matter — even if their bar of criminal prosecution is higher for making such an assertion — further calls the charge into question.

It would seem to be irresponsible given the hysteria such an allegation would create to make a subjective claim without first sharing the relevant facts with….

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Russia hacked the 2016 election? 4 questions conservatives should be asking

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