Here are the latest guess on who is next to go out the White House doors

The latest media parlor game seems to be predicting who will be the next ones out the door of the White House. Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson seem to be at the head of the list due to some extravagant expenses they have racked up while in office. There may be a reason that their departure was delayed. It is outlined for you in this article.

As Written and Reported By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Even for an administration that seems to thrive on wrong-footing allies and opponents alike, the last 24 hours has been remarkable. Early this morning, Donald Trump tweeted out that he might veto the omnibus bill that his White House had pledged he’d sign. The day before, Trump contradicted his earlier denials and dismissed national security adviser H.R. McMaster, appointing John Bolton in his stead.

That may have surprised John Kelly most of all. According to Politico, Trump’s chief of staff had prepared an action plan to jettison three top-ranking officials at the same time, in part to keep any one move from becoming a media focus, but Trump surprised Kelly by moving on his own:

President Donald Trump’s decision to abruptly fire national security adviser H.R. McMaster surprised senior White House aides who had been preparing a single statement announcing the departure of multiple top Trump officials, according to two senior administration officials.

White House chief of staff John Kelly and other top aides were waiting for inspector general reports that they believed would deliver devastating verdicts on Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who have both been accused of racking up extravagant expenses. They were also debating whether several senior White House aides, including McMaster, should go with them.

It’s unclear which other West Wing officials were possibly set to depart ……


Carson, Shulkin next out the door?

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