Here Are The Things The Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About The Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill

You will actually learn 8 things about the Senate’s Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill instead of the 7 that were advertised. The 8th one is considered a bonus and is worth wading through the other seven reasons to get to it. No spoiler alert. You will have to go find it yourself. Finding Number one is one that everyone already knows, but the mainstream media will never tell you this. They have to much capitol invested in Barack Obama. Enjoy the rest of the read.

As Written By John Nolte for Breitbart: 

Should Graham-Cassidy, the latest manifestation of the seven-year Republican promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, manage to pass the Senate next week, ironically enough, conservatives will owe a debt of thanks to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), the man single-handedly responsible for saving Obamacare in the last vote-around.

Had McCain not held out, we would not have Graham-Cassidy, which is a much, much, much better piece of legislation.

No, it is not a full repeal, and I get the anger over that. Again and again we were promised that this monstrosity would be pulled out by the root. Of course that would be preferable.

Other than enforcing whatever commitments are made by either party, the government — most especially the federal government — should remove itself completely from the relationship between the health insurance provider and the customer. There is just no question that government interference is a big part of why the system is such a mess, and so artificially expensive.

Nevertheless, we cannot all be Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who looks like he could end up taking John McCain’s place next week as Obamacare’s sole savior. Because he is not getting everything he wants right away, Paul is refusing to support Graham-Cassidy, and his no-vote, his oh-so principled stand, could forever saddle our country with Obamacare. Some legacy.

Some of us who despise Obamacare every but as much as Paul, are more pragmatic. We understand that repeal has to start somewhere and that anything that ends Obamacare’s fascist and destructive mandates (every American must purchase a Cadillac health coverage), is a damn good start. Not only does Graham-Cassidy do that, it does something pretty wonderful — it punts healthcare back where it belongs, to all 50 states; it allows the citizens of each state to decide on the kind of coverage they want.

If the positive aspects of Graham-Cassidy are news to you, I suggest you stop reading the leftwing Politico and the rest of the MSM, all of which are First Degree Liars who do not give even a tinkle of a damn about public health. Our media sees itself only as The Guardians of Precious Barry’s Legacy, as The Flamekeepers of Centralized Government.

And so, in order to fulfill that sinister duty, our national media lies and lies and lies and lies and lies. As a result, all we are being told about Graham-Cassidy is the lie that no one really knows what is in the bill, that “the substance doesn’t really matter,” and that people will lose their health insurance and die – millions of people, most especially the children.

Here is what the media does not want you to know about Graham-Cassidy:

  1. Obamacare is a Failure

What is the media fighting to protect and preserve? A total and complete boondoggle, a …….


7 Things the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About Graham-Cassidy – Breitbart

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