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Here Is Exactly What Ruined Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

In business, you always want to underpromise and overperform but that seems to have been missed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The promise that these social platforms had was that they would become the town square and be the bastions of free speech and thought. That has now gone away as they have been forced into deciding what is “acceptable.” Here is how it all went wrong.

As Written and Reported By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

Do you want a provider or a hall monitor?

The giants of social media almost seem as if they’re crumbling these days. You may have heard that YouTube once again began deleting any and all videos that deal with the sale or use of firearms this week. We already knew that Facebook has been suspending conservative accounts right and left, while insiders at Twitter have confessed to shadowbans of people with the wrong sorts of ideas.

How did it come to this when all we originally wanted was a place to post our cat pictures and videos of people walking into lampposts?

First of all, it appears that most of the ban hammer activity wound up hitting conservative voices, but it would have been just as bad if it had happened to liberals. But why are some being censored and others favored on these platforms to begin with? The answer isn’t all that difficult to suss out and it has little to do with bias. It’s because two warring tribes (conservatives and liberals) all wanted these platforms to do it and in the end they decided to pick a side.

Ideally, all of these platforms were supposed to be places where users could simply post their own content. Videos, pictures, opinions, be they ever so unpopular, could appear for public consumption. And here’s the thing to remember: All of that is speech. Just like WordPress, Blogger or any of the other weblog services provided a tool for users to publish their thoughts, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offered a tool allowing users to quickly publish other types of content for free. What…..


Our expectations of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are what ruined them


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