Here is one absolutely devastating paragraph that shows just how bad things are in Libya

by  on February 17, 2015

To get a sense of just how bad the situation in Libya is, here is one very absolutely devastating paragraph from Jon Lee Anderson’s long dispatch from the country in the New Yorker:

There is no overstating the chaos of post-Qaddafi Libya. Two competing governments claim legitimacy. Armed militias roam the streets. The electricity is frequently out of service, and most business is at a standstill; revenues from oil, the country’s greatest asset, have dwindled by more than ninety per cent. Some three thousand people have been killed by fighting in the past year, and nearly a third of the country’s population has fled across the border to Tunisia. What has followed the downfall of a tyrant-a downfall encouraged by NATO air strikes-is the tyranny of a dangerous and pervasive instability.

Nearly a third of the country has fled. A third. That’s how horrible the post-2011 collapse has been for Libya’s citizens. (FULL STORY BELOW)

This one paragraph shows just how bad things in Libya have gotten – Vox.

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