Here is Why that Canadian Sniper Story is Important

The record-breaking 2.2-mile shot by a Canadian sniper raises some interesting thoughts that are explored in this report. Before we go there, it is a remarkable talent to shoot and hit something that far away. The first two calculations are fall of the shot and that is followed by windage. That causes the “lead” on the target to be offset by feet and inches. The third issue is the spin of the earth. Flying 1o seconds in route to the target, the earth rotates a measurable amount that can cause you to miss the target. That has to be calculated in as well. But that is not the issue here. Read on and see if you agree with the writer. 

As Written By Tom Rogan for the Washington Examiner:

Within the last month, a Canadian soldier killed an ISIS fighter with a 3,540 meter shot.

That’s 2.2 miles — a new world record for a confirmed combat sniper kill.

We can be confident of the report’s accuracy. The Canadian military confirmed the kill to The Globe and Mail newspaper. Military authorities are careful before recognizing sensational stories such as this one.

Three points:

First, this is obviously good news. A dead ISIS fighter cannot wreak havoc on the people of Iraq and Syria. The manner of this shot will also scare some ISIS fighters. That’s not simply because the ISIS fighter was killed from over 2 miles away. It’s also down to the fact that the sniper rifle employed uses a very powerful round. The bullet’s impact may well have exploded the ISIS fighter in question. Morale matters.

Second, this is a testament to the skill of Canada’s elite Joint Task Force 2 (JTF-2) unit, to which this sniper belonged. In recent years, JTF-2 has worked very closely with U.S. forces in operations around the globe. It helped destroy al-Qaeda and Taliban forces in Afghanistan between 2001-2002, and has operated in Iraq and other locations. Speaking to the Washington Examiner, a former Delta Force operations officer, Jim Reese, described JTF-2 as “a great organization. A well trained, mature, disciplined unit.” In special operations language “mature” is high praise. It means JTF-2 are quiet professionals, not attention seekers.

Third, Canada must do more in Iraq and Syria.

Don’t get me wrong. Those soldiers currently deployed in………

There is more here keep reading:

Why the Canadian sniper story is important

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