HERE IT COMES! A “Tsunami of Information” Set To Expose “Obama, Clinton, Deep State Scandals”

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, warned of a coming “Tsunami of Information” on Obama, Hillary, and the Deep State. In this interview, he points out the sources of information that are on the edge of being released. He points out that FBI and OJ information is already being reviewed by Congress. Here is what he predicts.

As Written and Reported By Joshua Caplan for Gateway Pundit:

Echoing statements he made on Fox News program “Hannity” last week, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton warned on Tuesday that a “tsunami of information” exposing “Obama/Clinton/Deep State scandals,” will soon be released.

Joined by Fox News contributor Sara Carter, Fitton told Sean Hannity:

“I think there’s going to be, as Sara’s indicating, a tsunami of information coming out on all of these scandals. We have the court ruling that the Clinton emails need to be released more quickly. So, we’re going to get all these Clinton emails that she tried to hide or delete […..] Or as we found on the Weiner laptop, classified information and pay-to-play, which I guarantee is going to be coming out. And then we had the court just yesterday talk about how he wants the Comey memos, because he wants to review the Comey memos, which are the genesis of the Mueller operation […] It’s all building. There are text messages they are talking about. Now we are going to find out more details about the FISA, the intelligence surveillance abuses.”

Judicial Watch recently announced a federal judge ordered the State Department to speed up the release Hillary Clinton’s 72,000 pages of…….


TOM FITTON WARNS: “Tsunami of Information” Set To Expose “Obama/Clinton/Deep State Scandals” (VIDEO)

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