Here it comes: Liberals ready assault on abortion laws after SCOTUS Verdict

The abortion crowd, sensing a legal decided advantage, plan to launch attacks on hundreds of laws protecting the unborn. The baby killers will unite in a massive push to make murdering babies legally the unchallenged law of the law. There will be no safe spaces for the unborn. Read more below.

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As Written By Sarah Ferris for The Hill:

Abortion rights groups are gearing up for a major assault against dozens — and ultimately hundreds — of state laws after their biggest legal victory in a generation this week.

Lawyers for groups such as Planned Parenthood say the Supreme Court’s historic ruling Monday is opening a new front in the decades-old war over abortion access.

“We’ve reached a tipping point,” Helene Krasnoff, senior director of public policy litigation and law at the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, told reporters Thursday as she announced a legal campaign in eight states.

In its 5-3 decision, the court not only struck down two major provisions in Texas, but also set a legal precedent that will likely make it tougher for states to defend existing anti-abortion laws.

Abortion rights advocates, who have been on the defensive in state legislatures for the last half-decade, now say the courts will be on their side as they try to regain lost ground.

Planned Parenthood announced Thursday it would actively lobby in eight states with laws on the books resembling those struck down in Texas on Monday. It also promised “many more states will follow in the coming weeks.”

Krasnoff said they will first push for legislatures to repeal laws on their own — a far cheaper option for both Planned Parenthood and those state ….

Full story here:

Liberals ready assault on abortion laws after Supreme Court verdict | TheHill

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