Here’s How Tom Price Got Taken Out

Most political pundits would have given you odds for Tom Price being an impeccable public servant. Mr. Price’s track record has always been that of thrift and honesty. That being the case, the question must be asked: How did he get himself to run up all those expensive air flights? Was he led to believe that it was a perk or maybe it was necessary for his work? Who whispered in his ear that it was okay, just go ahead, everybody does it? Explore these thoughts and more in this article.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Was former HHS Secretary Tom Price seduced into hypocrisy? How does one explain the downfall of a spending critic?

Price’s resignation is dealing a significant blow to the efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, which is still a priority, if a delayed one, for the Trump Reform Agenda. Price is an expert on medical care, an M.D. himself, whose insight and efforts could have been a major contribution to future legislative proposals.

But the damage extends to his fellow cabinet secretaries, who will be highly constrained in the use of time-saving jets, and less able to travel around than their predecessors in the Obama administration.  Trump haters have won bigly, as many of the top executives of his administration are denied what virtually every large company in the United States considers vital tool: private jets.  Officials involved in national security are allowed use of jets for obvious reasons. But now, it will take permission from White House Chief of Staff Kelly for the other cabinet secretaries to use private jets.

Of course, the buck stops with Price on his boneheaded decision to use a chartered jet to fly from Dulles Airport to Philadelphia.  That one trip was critical in building a public case against him. He undid himself and became too much of a liability for the Trump administration.

Unquestionably, Price  bears the responsibility.  A crusader against government wasteful spending, he should have known better. But I…….


Blog: How Tom Price was taken out

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