Here’s the PERFECT Example Of Why People Don’t Believe the Lamestream Media

The mainstream media has become notorious for fake news, false news, manufactured news, disappearing news, and politically spun news. The news that wasn’t news is my favorite diversion. The media are the water carriers for the alt-left liberal progressive narrative that saturates the airwaves each and every day. It is not surprising, then, that seven in ten think they are full of … … fake news.

As Written By Joseph Curl for the Daily Wire:

Nearly seven in ten Americans think the mainstream media is full of fake news, a new survey found.

That’s a lot. But if the MSM keeps doing what it’s doing, that number will soon be 100 percent.

Day after day, the MSM newspapers and networks breathlessly trumpet stories, often hyping them as shocking or without precedent. They’re purportedly “breaking” news, gathered by top-notch “journalists” who’ve got deep — usually anonymous — sources.

Example: Everyone in the White House will be gone soon. Remember those headlines? Kellyanne Conway’s out. Reince Priebus is out. Steve Bannon is definitely out. Sean Spicer is not only out, he may be drawn and quartered.

Then, zippy. Those stories all just disappeared.

Or how about this big story: “Trump blurts out classified info again, worrying Pentagon officials,” which MSNBC wrote on May 25.

“When Donald Trump chatted with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, it was unsettling enough that the American leader started their conversation with unprompted praise for Duterte’s extra-judicial killings. But we now know that Trump also decided to tell Duterte that the United States dispatched two nuclear submarines, which are off the coast of the Korean peninsula,” the article……..


Here’s A PERFECT Example Of Why People Don’t Believe The MSM | Daily Wire

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