Here’s the Proof that investigating President Trump is starting to backfire on Democrats 

The Democrats are beginning to regret that there was such a thing as Russian collusion. Their calls for investigations keep boomeranging back into their side of the court. The latest revelation that former FBI Director James Comey had decided to give Hillary Clinton a pass on all her email and server failures came well before the investigation was complete. Self-inflicted wounds are often the worst kind. I know they hurt worse because you did it t yourself. There are now calls for a special counsel to investigate Comey, while some experts think that Jeff Sessions should impanel a Grand Jury to investigate Comey and Clinton. Which way to you prefer. Either would be fine with me.

As Written John Crudele for New York Post:

There’s a lot going on in the Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump/Russia investigation that all the highfalutin’ newspapers that cover politics are still trying to ignore.

Well, investors had better know this stuff before it bites them in the assets. So here goes.

Numerous reports coming out of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week said that former FBI Director James Comey made the decision not to refer Clinton for prosecution long before he even interviewed key witnesses, including Hillary.

Remember, the Republicans now control this committee. So bad news isn’t going to be stifled anymore.

Clinton, you probably remember, “lost” her private emails, which she’d been storing on a personal computer server. Comey chastised her harshly in a televised speech but then said there was a unanimous decision not to recommend prosecution.

Clinton’s emails, which were stolen by the Russians, have never been found. But as I’ve mentioned numerous times, the messages are still in the possession of the National Security Agency (NSA), which offered to give them to the FBI.

Comey turned down that offer, according to a source who has been very…..


Proof that investigating Trump is starting to backfire for Democrats | New York Post

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