Here’s what Allen West Would tell that ‘Hamilton’ guy

We have a chance to grow more adults in America. And in doing so, grow the next generation of American leaders.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Greetings from the Stoney Creek Hotel and Resort in Columbia Missouri, and I hope they don’t find out I’m a Tennessee graduate. The game Saturday didn’t go very well for the Tigers on ol’ Rocky Top. I am here to speak Sunday evening for the Vitae Foundation, a pro-life organization and this is the fourth time I’ve spoken for them.

However, Sunday morning during my run, some thoughts came to mind. There’s no doubt the results of the November 8th presidential election were not what some folks expected. Apparently they were expecting to get their Fruit Loops, and instead got grits and are none too happy about it. I don’t know why — grits are great!

I’m seeing all these protests going on all over the country. And of course, there was that “lecture” from the “Hamilton” actor to Vice President-elect and Indiana Governor Mike Pence – along with all the fallout.

I truly find it perplexing that the progressive socialist left is busy throwing tantrums about the result of the election, doubling down on the same attitudes that produced those results, instead of focusing on themselves. And that starts with President Barack Hussein Obama, who it appears will depart the White House, similar to Jimmy Carter, being remembered only for his successor.

There can be no dismissal of the evident truth that it was Obama and his policies — along with a detached and ineffective GOP establishment — that gave rise to President-elect Donald J. Trump. No manner of protest can rectify that and no manner of denial will enable the progressive socialist left to “move on” — pardon the pun. But one must consider this: what is the real legacy of leadership? Is it all about you, or what is the most significant indicator of a successful leader?

Let me explain. It’s not about the leader, that person in and of themselves. It’s about the legacy of leaders they raise. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than to know my former driver is now a major in the U.S. Army National Guard. Or that former cadets I trained at Kansas State are now full bird colonels, commanding Corps of Engineer districts and combat brigades.

The real success of a leader isn’t in their accomplishments, but rather in the accomplishments of others. And what the progressive socialist left must not do is protest against the one who won the presidential election. They truly should protest against the self-centered fella who was president for the past eight years — Barack Obama.

Obama came into office touting himself and saying “I won,” but what he lacked was a vision to grow the next generation of leadership for the Democrat Party. He did nothing to grow the Democrat Party — sure HE won an election and reelection, but now all that will be lost, forgotten, and he has no successor.

And the Democrat Party, or as we’ve said, the new American Socialist Party, is left — pun intended — out in the cold. And if they continue to believe calling folks names and the politics of personal/character destruction will endear them to America, they are sincerely delusional.

Consider, during Obama’s tenure, the Democrat Party lost majorities in the U.S. House and Senate. They’ve lost governorships. They’ve lost control of many state legislatures. And if they’re not careful, they’ll begin to lose mayoral elections in major cities, as these urban areas fail.

The Democrat Party is a group with no vision for America and Americans, other than wealth redistribution, economic enslavement, class warfare, social egalitarianism, and secular humanism…none of which has anything to do with the fundamental principles and values of America.

It sounded really good when they had this charismatic figure…but that was all it was, a smoke and mirrors image that has been rejected. So now, where do the Democrats go?

Well, farther to the left of course — after all, they think we’re just too stupid to understand what’s good for us. The Democrats are now looking to Rep. Keith Ellison, the head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a person with very questionable associations with Muslim Brotherhood linked entities, to lead the DNC. Now, that’s just about as stuck on stupid you can get.

The two leading voices for the Democrat Party are an avowed socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders — yep, a 74-year-old — and another very far left U.S. Senator, Elizabeth Warren, who embraces the insidious notion that those who built businesses didn’t work hard — hmm, something Obama embraced — remember “you didn’t build that?”

The Democrats chose a 69-year-old woman as their standard bearer who had little or no accomplishments besides holding positions and being a woman. Hillary Clinton offered no vision, no positive way ahead, and she embodied that which Americans sought to reject: political corruption, cronyism and elitism.

No amount of yelling, protesting or beating up Trump supporters can remedy what happened. Barack Obama didn’t raise a future generation of leaders and he offered no long term vision for America, and especially for the Democrat Party. Eventually, the smile and the charming image meant nothing, especially when Americans were losing jobs, seeing healthcare costs rise, and feeling less secure. And the complicit liberal progressive media could no longer act as the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party — they have no credibility, regardless of how much they rail against Donald Trump.

Word has it that a bunch of rich progressive socialists are getting together on Palm Beach island in Florida to ascertain what happened. Let me save y’all the travel: read what I have just written — y’all ain’t got a message! All you had was an image, and that image was centered on Barack himself and did nothing but lose down-ticket elections for you.

Now, if y’all get together and say, let’s triple down and attack constitutional conservatives even more, you’ll be relegated in history just like the Whigs…and y’all thought that fate would belong to the GOP.

And finally, here is my counsel for President-elect Donald J. Trump. This is not about you, it’s about America.

You’ve been blessed with an incredible opportunity — not a mandate — and you must deliver. Not just in the area of strong economic growth policies and national security strategies that protect the American people. You must also lay out a vision and develop the future generations of conservative leadership for this Republic.

That means your most important role is not just as commander in chief, but also mentor. Right now, at this moment, the new American Socialist Party is looking at being politically exiled from positions of power and leadership in America. Mr. Trump, your first focus for mentoring has to be in the urban centers of America. With growth, education opportunity, and strengthening of the family, you will develop the next generation of determined and dedicated minority conservatives who can step up and lead in these cities. My recommendation would be in these first two years, pick out three or four cities and focus. Then in your next two years, pick another three or four.

The message of progressive socialism has and will always fail. It’s just that the left found a booming voice, and America got caught up in identity politics. The message that Americans are seeking doesn’t come from the left, that is a losing message. But in the course of history, the left has always centered on a powerful image, a persona, a demagogue — no different here.

We can restore principled American leadership, not the political game of gimmicks and image. The left is bewildered, and like a temperamental child who doesn’t get its way, they’re throwing a serious tantrum against the adults. We have a chance to grow more adults in America. And in doing …

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