Here’s What The President Knows About Elizabeth Warren and the CFPB

Senator Elizabeth Warren was called call Pocahontas by the President during a speech to the Navaho Tribe the other day. He was referring to her unsupported claim to Native American ancestry, of course. She responded quickly and loudly with the Race Card as could be predicted. Even the Native Americans laughed at her. You cannot fool most Americans. they know a fraud when they see it. And Trump smiles as he sets them all barking at the moon again.

As Written By Liz Peek for Fox News:

I admit, I laughed out loud when I read that President Trump had called out Pocahontas, aka Senator Elizabeth Warren, in the midst of his celebration of Navajo Code Talkers.

It was just so outrageous, so Trumpian and unprovoked. It looked like the president ran dry of things to say about the Native American World War II heroes, so inserted his little joke before lauding them for their bravery and service.

The allusion to liberal firebrand Warren appeared to have sailed over the veterans’ heads; the same could not be said of the liberal press.

I laughed in part because out of nowhere — yet another hum-drum White House ceremony — Trump had again set the world on fire, and in part because I could predict with 100 percent certainty what was about to rain down upon his totally welcoming head.

Almost immediately the ever-outraged Elizabeth Warren complained to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that “President Trump couldn’t even make it through a ceremony to honor these men without throwing in a racial slur.” That line was picked up in critical articles in the New York Times and Washington Post; the liberal intelligentsia was simply appalled.

What is rich, of course, is that the fury unleashed on Trump for referencing Warren’s pretense to Native American heritage is mountains more intense than the criticism leveled at the Massachusetts senator for making the claim in the first place.

In this era, when people are called out for “cultural appropriation” if they wear sombreros or Viking helmets for Hallowe’en, how can we ignore the fiction that Warren apparently created and that she is accused of using to …..


What Trump knows about ‘Pocahontas’ and the CFPB | Fox News

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