Here’s What We Do Know About Hillary’s Email Server

When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s legal problems, the things that we do know are damning enough for most observers. Hugh Hewitt makes an excellent argument that we need to not pay attention to the talking heads that are predicting that Hillary will not be indicted. There is so much that the pundits do not know that they are being used by the narrative spinners protecting the Clinton Crime Family. Read more below.

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As Written By Hugh Hewitt for The Washington Examiner:

The FBI interviewed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for many hours on Saturday morning.

On Saturday afternoon CNN Senior Producer Teddy Davis tweeted “Sources tell CNN’s Evan Perez: expectation is that there will be announcement of no charges in Clinton email probe w/in next two weeks or so”.

After I — and perhaps others — pointed out that no source could make such an assertion unless he or she had been in the interview with Clinton, Davis — full disclosure, a fellow with whom I worked closely during debate season and who is very smart — added another tweet:

“More from CNN’s @EvanPerez: Expectation is no charges will be brought against Clinton- so long as no wrongdoing emerged in today’s interview.”

I don’t doubt someone at the Justice Department or the FBI was working Perez, and Teddy was simply relaying what Perez had reported. But the expanded and qualified “tip” reflected the underlying reality of the Clinton server investigation: Reporters who don’t know the laws involved are being led around by the nose by spinners.

Nobody who knows the status of the investigation into Clinton’s server is talking, and those who are talking as if they do — well, they simply do not know what is truly going on but have some incentive to pretend to do so. They cannot know, in fact, unless they know (1) what has been recovered from the server by the forensic specialists working on the server and (2) the precise details of what Secretary Clinton said in …

Full Story Here:

What we know about Hillary’s server | Washington Examiner

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