Here’s Who Was REALLY Behind Trumps Victory

They have been so off the radar that most of you thought that you had seen the demise of the Tea Party. Guess what? Not only is the Tea Party NOT dead, but they have been out there in the grassroots the whole time. All that other noise about the coronation of Hillary and the coarseness of Donald, kept it from view. Here is what they were doing for President-Elect Trump (I love the sound of that, by the way) while we were watching the big show.

As Written by Jenny Beth Martin for Fox News:

Now that the American people have hired Donald Trump and the Republicans to right the ship of state, it’s time to get to work.

Trump’s stunning win on Election Night defied the pollsters’ expectations, conventional wisdom about how campaigns must be run, and even the Washington Establishment’s narrative about what it is, exactly, that American voters want.

That last point is of particular interest to Tea Party conservatives. We have long argued that the Washington Establishment is disconnected from (and sometimes simply disinterested in) the issues that are most pressing to American voters.

By all accounts, Donald Trump should not have won. In fact, looking at any number of metrics, Trump’s campaign lagged far behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

For months, he consistently trailed Clinton in every major national poll. He raised significantly less money than she did (and as of the end of October, had raised only roughly half as much as Clinton’s campaign).

He underperformed in the first debate. And his campaign, we were constantly reminded, was light-years behind Clinton’s campaign in terms of a ground game, grassroots operations, and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.

The Republican nominee’s win, then, is nothing short of remarkable, and it challenges many of the fundamental beliefs held by the political class.

Donald Trump won because, at the end of the day, this election was not….

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How the Tea Party helped Trump win the election | Fox News

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