Here’s Why President Trump Hasn’t Fired Out Tweets On Stormy Daniel’s Attorney

Stormy’s Lawyer is not getting any social media attention from President Donald Trump. Lawyer Michael Avenatti is not making the tweet-fests that the President reserves for those that garner his ire. Is the President avoiding confrontation because he does not want attention given to the Stormy Daniels’ issue? Since when is Donald Trump afraid of a little confrontation? Here are some thoughts about all that.

As Written and Reported By Scot Morefield for the Daily Caller:

While President Trump typically doesn’t hesitate to use social media to blast his opponents, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti’s name has been noticeably missing from Trump’s Twitter feed.

However, it’s not that Trump doesn’t have an opinion on Avenatti, but rather could be, as the Daily Beast puts it, a strategy of “strategic non-engagement.”

Add that to the fact that Trump reportedly thinks Avenatti is a “loser” unworthy of his time.

The Daily Beast reports:

According to two sources close to the president, Trump has privately branded Avenatti a wannabe bigshot and a “loser.” A White House official noted that Trump has explained his decision to not go after Avenatti publicly because he deems him a “total loser” not worthy of Trump’s acknowledgement, whether on Twitter, in public statements, or in response to shouted questions from the White House press corps.

While Trump himself may be silent on Avenatti for that reason, it’s unclear why more GOP groups aren’t picking up the slack when it comes to the Stormy Daniels lawyer.

“No one seems to understand why the RNC, America Rising and other GOP groups aren’t doing even basic political blocking and tackling with Avenatti,” said……


Here’s Why Trump Hasn’t Gone After | The Daily Caller

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