Herman Cain – When Humanity Overtakes Politics – by John Lowell – Don’t Disparge this man

Yesterday, I witnessed a stirring event. It happened to be at a political event, but it wasn’t about the politics. Personally, I think that regardless of your politics, you will find something more important in this one.

If you are reading this, there is a reasonable chance that you know that I am the father of an autistic son. Jimmy is 26 now, and while he does have political views, the issues that matter to him are probably not the issues that matter to you, or to me. That doesn’t matter.

In any event, there were four of us having a family lunch at The Olde Blind Dog in a town called Milton in north Fulton County, GA. Outside, there were people gathered, a lot of people. They were there to see Herman Cain, a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Right around the time he began to speak, we went outside to hear him as well. We were there among probably 1500-2000 people (guessing, but I know that he was signing 500 books for attendees and there were plenty who were after number 500 in line, as well as the many who chose not to buy his book).

After his speech ended, we moved to a shady area around the side of the building. Mr. Cain was signing books. From where we were standing, we had a pretty good view of him, albeit from behind.

To fully understand this, consider the day. Mr. Cain was at The Olde Blind Dog from 3:00 until 4:30. He had a 6:00 commitment at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport, a good distance away. Said differently, he was on a very tight schedule.






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