Heroic TV Crew in Houston Saves Truck Driver’s Life [Video]

In the past few decades, it has been a standard fare for TV crews to be dispassionate in their recording of news as it happens. Things are different in this video from a TV crew for KHOU television in Houston, Texas. Doing the right and humane thing came without a second thought from reporter Brandi Smith. It is obvious that the truck driver’s safety was her concern, not the news byte she was filming. Way to go Brandi! You Rock!


As Written By Justin Miller for the Daily Beast: 

Minutes before flooding knocked KHOU off the air, one reporter waved down a sheriff unit to rescue a man trapped inside his tractor-trailer.

A Houston television news team saved the life of a truck driver stranded in rising flood waters  on Sunday morning.

KHOU reporter Brandi Smith was broadcasting live from north Houston’s beltway when she saw a tractor-trailer surrounded by water, its cab filling up with water with the driver still inside. At least 20 inches of rain have already fallen on the city as the result of Hurricane Havey.

“The lights are going on this truck and the windshield wipers are going and as we get a little closer, it does look like there is someone inside. There is movement inside of this ……


Watch: Houston TV Crew Saves Truck Driver’s Life

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