Hey Democrats, Just What Does Crow Taste Like?

The Democrats and their media minions have been shrill in their attacks upon the GOP tax bill and now the Wall Street Journal says that they are eating crow. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called it Armageddon. The media repeated the lie that people would die. The Democrats called it a tax bill for the rich. Just what does crow taste like? I’ll bet it does not taste like chicken.

As Written By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

It’s done. The GOP has passed the most extensive tax reform in the past three decades. The $1.5 trillion cut will benefit America’s working and middle classes. Republicans united, stuck to their guns, and passed it without help from the Democrats, who were not going to lift a finger to help the Trump White House get a key part of its agenda passed. In doing so, they betted against the American worker and hoped that millions of families get screwed to score political points. They thought this bill was Armageddon. It was not. It’ll benefit anywhere from 80-90 percent of America’s families. Businesses are increasing employee investment, handing out bonuses, boosting wages, and will increase philanthropic donations.

CBS News found three families from different backgrounds and income levels, two of which were confident that their bill would go up under Trump’s tax overhaul; they all ended up saving money. From the North Carolina single mother making less than $40,000 to a California small business- owning family earning $300,000, everyone received substantial relief.

In Nevada, the tax bill paved way for 11,000 new jobs. Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) will have to explain why she voted against the legislation that helped make this happen:

For New York developer Steven Witkoff, the tax overhaul signed today by President Donald Trump will have an immediate effect: he’s plowing ahead ……


WSJ Columnist On GOP Tax Bill: The Democrats And The Media Are Eating So Much Crow Right Now – Matt Vespa

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