Hillary Changes Her Tune, Now Embracing Funding The Trump Dossier [Video]

After claiming that she had no prior knowledge of the Trump dossier, Hillary Clinton comes out in an interview and defends the process. Not only that, Clinton tries to tie in the Washington Free Beacon to funding the dossier. That is not how that worked at all.

Now background research seems to be a normal process in the political arena. Getting the “dirt” on the opposition is normal dirty politics, it seems. Hillary’s problem is that all this “research” cost her campaign almost One Million Dollars and she did not know anything about it. That dog don’t hunt, as we say in Georgia.

Note to Hillary, Opposition Research is not the same thing as fabricated, falsified created dossier on your opponent.



As Written By Emily Zanotti for the Daily Wire:

Hillary Clinton appeared on The Daily Show Wednesday night to talk about her book, What Happened, but ended up defending her campaign’s decision to commission a dossier on then-Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Clinton attempted to characterize the dossier, obtained from Russian officials, as the product of normal opposition research — the kind that campaigns do regularly. Seizing on the fact that Fusion GPS, the firm that ultimately paid for the dossier, was hired, initially, by Republicans, and had worked for both parties in the past, Clinton claimed that outrage over the dossier was based on the public’s misunderstanding of how campaigns actually work.

“It’s part of what happens in a campaign where you get information that may or may not be useful and you try to make sure that anything you put in the public arena is accurate,” she told host Trevor Noah.

She went on to claim that the dossier was “still being evaluated,” despite allegations that the dossier is entirely uncorroborated by evidence…….


Hillary Clinton Defends Trump Dossier On ‘The Daily Show’ | Daily Wire

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