Hillary Clinton Calls For A Constitutional Amendment for THIS On Day Three Of her Campaign


She wants to “get unaccountable money” out of politics “once and for all.”

On the third day of her nascent presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton began to put some meat on the bones of her policy vision, calling for a constitutional amendment, if necessary, to “get unaccountable money out of [politics] once and for all.”

Speaking at a community college in rural Iowa on Tuesday, Clinton broached the possibility of a constitutional amendment to fix a “dysfunctional” campaign finance system as a piece of one of four pillars that would be the focus of her presidency.

The other three priorities were building an economy for the future, strengthening families and communities and bolstering national security. But the mention of a constitutional amendment was the most specific policy remedy she’s uttered since becoming a 2016 Democratic candidate for the White House.

Without noting them specifically, the former secretary of state was implicitly referring to a pair of 2010 Supreme Court cases that opened the floodgates for super PACs, committees which can raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions and individuals. Super PACs have dominated the political system since then, allowing outside entities unaffiliated with a candidate to dominate spending in a given race.

It’s unclear how Clinton defines “unaccountable money” and she didn’t detail the contours of the constitutional amendment she might propose.


Hillary Clinton Calls For Campaign Finance Constitutional Amendment – US News.

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