Hillary Clinton campaign gets into another scuffle with the press corps 

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s long-frosty relationship with the media hit another icy patch in New Hampshire on Monday.

The LA Times Reports:

When campaign officials told major news organizations that certain reporters were not welcome at the candidate’s events.

The episode left the national print media unrepresented at a Clinton appearance Monday morning, escalated bitter feelings between the campaign and the journalists covering it, and created juicy fodder for the Daily Mail, the British tabloid which was at the center of the dispute.

Since the start of Clinton’s presidential bid, her campaign has staged most events in small venues that can’t accommodate the large number of reporters following her. The campaign early on asked the press corps to establish and run a pool system in which a small group of reporters would cover such events and file reports that all reporters could share. The pool duty rotates among a group of roughly 14 news organizations that have committed to send a reporter when their turn comes.


Clinton campaign gets into another scuffle with the press corps – LA Times


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