Hillary Clinton Campaign On The Hunt For A Scapegoat?

Things are getting dicey in the Hillary Clinton campaign camp. South Carolina is getting too close to call and Nevada seems to be slipping away. Who could possibly be to blame for this slide from the inauguration Hillary was headed for? This look into the Hillary machine is enlightening and points out the logical choices. A very intriguing read. 


As Written By Thomas Lifson, American Thinker:

Hillary campaign needs a scapegoat; David Brock a leading candidate

As Hillary Clinton’s polls collapse and the prospect of losing the Nevada caucuses looms this weekend, it is time for some soul-searching at the Hillary campaign.  Amoie Parness of The Hill summarizes the gloomy prospects:

A new CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday found Clinton with a narrow one-point lead in Nevada, which hosts its caucuses on Saturday. That’s a huge change from the 23-point lead Clinton enjoyed in a late December poll by Gravis. (snip)

Team Clinton maintains confidence that its lead in South Carolina will hold, but the potential loss in Nevada has put people on edge about a possible “domino effect” in which states could fall one by one to Sanders as the Vermont Independent gains momentum.

“It’s hard to feel confident about South Carolina if you lose Nevada,” the former aide said.

It is a given that the fault cannot lie with Hillary herself.  No staffer would dare suggest that there is anything at all wrong with her.  The voters may be to blame (not “ready for its first female president”), but alas, they cannot be fired.  So it is time to find a scapegoat.

Internally, both Bill and Hillary Clinton have voiced their displeasure with various aspects of the campaign, particularly on messaging and organizing, according to sources. Those involved with the campaign increasingly a reshuffling will take place, especially if Clinton suffers a loss in Nevada.

“The shit will hit the fan,” one longtime friend of the Clintons predicted. “No doubt about it.”


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