Hillary Clinton Can’t Be Trusted to Win the War Against Terrorists

There is so much that Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted on, it is hard to imagine that there is even more. This article reviews her and her staff’s involvement in clemency for the FALN 11. The FLAN is/was a terrorist group that wants to ‘liberate’ Puerto Rico form the United States and turn it into a Cuban style Marxist state. Here are the sordid details. Read this and see where the trust index winds up.

As Written By Joe Connor for Townhall:

In 1999 Hillary Clinton played a crucial role in obtaining presidential clemency for 12 members of the infamous Puerto Rican terrorist group, FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation).

Between 1974 and 1983 the FALN claimed a decade long terror war against the US for Puerto Rican “independence” but planned to transform Puerto Rico into a Cuban bases Marxist state.   Nine people were seriously injured in 28 Chicago area bombings.  Six were murdered in NY, including four (60 injured) in the horrific January 24, 1975 lunchtime bombing of historic Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan.

My father, Frank Connor, only 33, was murdered at Fraunces.  Our family planned to celebrate my recent 9th and brother’s 11th birthdays the night of our father’s murder.

By 1981, eleven of the FALN terrorists were arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced at a Federal trial in Chicago. Sentences ranged from 50 to 70 years for bomb making, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, seditious conspiracy, and illegal possession of weapons including C4 plastic explosives and huge caches of ammunition and dynamite.

At their sentencing, the terrorists stood, taunted and threatened Judge McMillen, calling him a terrorist and that their shackles were what kept them from killing him. McMillen replied, “if there was a ….

Full Story Here:

Hillary Cannot Be Trusted to Win the War Against Terrorists – Joe Connor

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