Hillary Clinton, her staff, and her Democrat allies have lost the high ground

The premise of this article is that Hillary Clinton, her staff, and her Democrat allies have lost the moral high ground. You have to ask yourself if they ever held the moral high ground. The answer is that their unethical actions of recruiting foreign governments to help shape the Presidential election kept them from ever having the high ground.

The moral appearance that they had was provided by a compliant media that she totally took advantage of. They ran with every nugget that they were fed. The story is now becoming unavoidable, even for her apologists.

As Written by Stephen L. Miller for Fox News:

Perhaps the greatest mechanism built into the founding of our Republic is the simple fact that we, as a country, and we, as a people, will stand or fall based on the decisions we make collectively at the ballot box. The power is ours alone on which leaders we choose to represent us.

In the 2016 election we just happened to narrow our choices down to two borderline octogenarians under FBI investigation and – as it was revealed earlier this week in the Washington Post – both flirting with foreign influence as their campaigns looked for even the slightest edge. Go America!

As questions were lingering over Paul Manafort and a crucial meeting at Trump Tower in June 2016 with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, former Clinton campaign operatives ran from cable news network to cable news network screaming “collusion!” – collusion with a foreign adversary none of them seemed to care about much until the 80s came calling.

Whether it’s truthful or not, representatives of the Trump campaign, including Donald Trump Jr., have stated the said meeting was set up on the premise that Veselnitskaya had information in the form of opposition research on Hillary Clinton and they felt it necessary to at least hear her out. This explanation has prompted calls for impeachment from Democrats.

The one thing the losing Clinton campaign always had going for it, we were told again and again as Hillary Clinton’s never-ending campaign morphed into the form of a book tour – is …….


Hillary Clinton and Democrats lose the high ground on Russia | Fox News

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