Hillary Clinton server scandal intensifies, FBI investigating if server was breached

Clinton server scandal intensifies amid new classified memos:

Reported By Fox News:

Dozens of emails in the State Department’s latest release of Hillary Clinton emails contain information now deemed classified by the department.

The release includes nearly 3,900 new emails. Of them, more than 200 have a “B1” marking, which means they contain classified information – though some may be duplicates.

As part of Wednesday’s release, officials upgraded the classification level of portions of 215 emails, State Department spokesman John Kirby told reporters.

Almost all of the emails were “confidential,” the lowest level of classification, while three emails were declared “secret,” a mid-tier level for information that could still cause serious damage to national security if made public.


Source: Comey confirms FBI team looking for breach of Clinton server, working ‘24/7’

FBI Director James Comey has started briefing select lawmakers on the status of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server, and confirmed investigators are actively looking for evidence the server was compromised by a foreign entity or hacker, a congressional source told Fox News.

According to the source, Comey also reassured lawmakers his “top people” are handling the investigation. Comey said no resource is being spared and his team is working “24/7” to determine whether classified information was compromised, the source said.

No evidence of a breach has been confirmed so far, Fox News is told. The discussion was part of an intelligence briefing.


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