Hillary Clinton the War Monger?

It is quite fascinating that Hillary Clinton would ever sound like a war hawk on anything. When it comes to cyber attacks, she doesn’t mess around. Shee was giving a keynote speech somewhere. No telling how many dollars she got for her little talk, but it had to be a tidy sum, don’t you think? Anyway, she wants cyberattacks from foreign hackers to be seen as an act of war.

That is pretty heavy talk for such a liberal as her. I guess after all that went on with the DNC emails, her emails, and her server in a toilet, that she is a lot more sensitive to hacking than she was as Secretary of State. The only thing that was secret there was her Pay-to-Play program that she ran while Secretary. The Clinton Foundation keeps better secrets than her State Department.

Al that being said, there is a truth to her concerns about cybersecurity. We have many things in our infrastructure that appear to be highly vulnerable to this kind of warfare. Other members of Congress are pushing for improvements across the board before it is too late.

As Written By Daniel Chaitin for the Washington Examiner:

Hillary Clinton called for the U.S. to declare a “new doctrine” against cyberwarfare after Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2016 election and elsewhere.

During a wide-ranging keynote speech at Stanford University on Friday, Clinton said cyber attacks on vital infrastructure should be considered an act of war.

She largely couched this point on reports of Russians using cyber tactics to sway people’s opinions during the 2016 campaign, including on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as efforts to breach voting machines. Clinton said the Russians engaged in information warfare.”

Russian interference, along with possible collusion …..


Hillary Clinton calls for ‘new doctrine’: Cyberattacks should be an act of war

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