Hillary Gets Fact-Checked After Latest Interview And It Didn’t End Well

Hillary Clinton did an interview on 77WABC with Rita Cosby and is now getting fact-checked on which of her megadonors did what and when. Hillary was being tightly questioned by Ms. Cosby over the apparent quid pro quo involved in the Uranium One deal. That deal puts 20% of United States uranium under the control of a Russian company. Somehow, Russian millions then went to the Clinton Foundation. Nothing to see here? Did the stress of the question cause Hillary to err, or was it a misdirection to get her off the hook? You be the judge.

As Written By Adam Shaw for Breitbart: 

Hillary Clinton got her facts wrong Friday when she was discussing the brewing Uranium One scandal on a radio show — apparently mixing up her megadonors when responding to accusations of pay-to-play when she was secretary of state.

Clinton was speaking to 77WABC’s Rita Cosby, who brought up the 2010 deal that sold Canadian company Uranium One to Russian energy giant Rosatom. The sale had to be approved by the Obama administration, as Uranium One owned 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves.

Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer broke the Uranium One scandal in his 2015 book Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich. In the book, he reported that Clinton’s State Department, along with other federal agencies, approved the transfer of 20 percent of all U.S. uranium to Russia and that nine foreign investors in the deal gave $145 million to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s personal charity, the Clinton Foundation.

The New York Times confirmed Schweizer’s Uranium One revelations in a 4,000-word front-page story. The scandal dogged Clinton through the campaign and hit the headlines this year again in October, when The Hill reported that ahead of the deal, the FBI had uncovered “substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were…..


Fact Check: Hillary Clinton Suffers Megadonor Mix up on Uranium One Scandal

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