Hillary Proposes 5 Million Member What?

Hillary Clinton’s latest do-gooder idea is a mind bender. She wants 5 million people under 30 for a  “national service reserve.” They will get what sounds like paramilitary training to assist State and local governments as needed in emergencies or other situations. Nowhere is the costs mentioned, where the money will come from, and who will be in charge of them. The conspiracy theorists should have a ball with this one. You have to read this! 

As Written By Ben Wolfgang for The Washington Times:

Pledging to make public service a hallmark of her would-be administration, Democrat Hillary Clinton proposed Friday a 5 million-member “national service reserve” project that would train Americans to respond to natural disasters, health emergencies and other crises.

The program, Mrs. Clinton said, would allow citizens to continue working in their full-time jobs but essentially would put them on call if state or local governments need more bodies.

“If you join the national service reserve, you will receive some basic training, just like you would in the military reserves. And then when your city or state needs you, you’ll get the call,” Mrs. Clinton said at a rally in Florida. “Say a natural disaster strikes and the Red Cross needs all hands on deck, or maybe like the water crisis in….

Full Story Here:

Hillary Clinton proposes 5 million-member ‘national service reserve’ project – Washington Times

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