Hillary Says Someone Needs to tell Fox News That She is NOT President?

In a fascinating statement, former Presidential candidate quipped that someone needs to tell the people at FOX that she is not President. If any single news outlet knows who is and is not President, you can count on FOX News to know who is and isn’t. So why did she say that? Does she actually have a sense of humor? Who was the FOX talking head that misspoke such a thing? It is funny, you know!

As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

A leftover from last night. To answer her question, of course they know she’s not president. Except maybe for the 9 p.m. guy. He does seem a little iffy on the concept sometimes.

Consider this her consolation prize for losing the election, though. From here on out, every accusation of Clinton wrongdoing like the Uranium One deal and financing the Trump dossier can and will be spun as an unhealthy obsession of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” with someone who’s kinda sorta retired from politics. Apparently we’re not allowed to care about Clinton business anymore, even if it involves something like the dossier that’s part of the biggest ongoing political news story in the country. Move on. She’s a private citizen, damn it.

On the other hand, if you believe CNN’s Oliver Darcy, even some Foxies are bummed about the tone of their coverage lately. It’s one thing to cover Hillary news, it’s another to spin at 5,000 RPMs for the White House after the president’s former campaign manager was just indicted by the Russiagate special counsel.

“I’m watching now and screaming,” one Fox News personality said in a text message to CNN as the person watched their network’s coverage. “I want to quit.”

“It is another blow to journalists at Fox who come in every day ……..


Hillary: Do these people at Fox News realize I’m not president? – Hot Air Hot Air

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