Hillary Tried Changing State Dept Rules?

The Hillary Clinton Blackberry story just unfolded a new twist in this Fox News article.  “Aggressively pursued” is the term used to describe how the Clinton staff tried to change security protocols at the State Department just for their convenience. Even the most novice member of the security community recognizes the problems and dangers inherent with this type of request. What is most galling is the apparent lack of concern and/or snobbish disregard for the security of the nations most secret communications. Read but don’t enjoy the article below.

Written By Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne as first appeared on Fox News:

Clinton tried to change rules to use BlackBerry in secure facility for classified information.

Less than a month after becoming secretary of state, and registering the personal email domain that she would use exclusively for government business, Hillary Clinton’s team aggressively pursued changes to existing State Department security protocols so she could use her BlackBerry in secure facilities for classified information, according to new documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

“Anyone who has any appreciation at all of security, you don’t ask a question like that,” cybersecurity analyst Morgan Wright told Fox News.  “It is contempt for the system, contempt for the rules that are designed to protect the exact kind of information that was exposed through this email set up. “

Current and former intelligence officials grimaced when asked by Fox News about the use of wireless communications devices, such as a BlackBerry, in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) emphasizing its use would defeat the purpose of the secure facility, and it is standard practice to leave all electronics outside.

A former State Department employee familiar with the Clinton request emphasized security personnel at the time thought the BlackBerry was only for unclassified material, adding their concerns would have been magnified if they had known Clinton’s email account also held classified material.

“When you allow devices like this into a SCIF, you can allow the bad guys to listen in,” Wright added.


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