Hillary Wanted Them Off Limits, Now They Pose A MAJOR Problem For Her Campaign!

Hillary Wanted Them Off Limits, Now They Pose A MAJOR Problem For Her Campaign! You can’t go after others and not expect the same in return. Hillary Clinton has been attacking Republicans and their families for years. So, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. There is a real possibility that this could seriously hurt her chances of being the candidate for the democrat party. As if her problems weren’t serious enough.

As Reported By Business Insider:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s two brothers, Tony and Hugh Rodham, could be a problem for her presidential campaign. Over the years, the pair has been at the center of multiple controversies for their business dealings and Republicans are already using them to attack Clinton.

One aide for a rival 2016 campaign told Business Insider that Clinton’s brothers will definitely cause issues for her White House bid.

“Will they be a problem? Yes. They underscore everything that people fear and hate about the Clintons,” the aide said. “They’re essentially the id of Bill and Hillary Clinton. A bunch of money-grubbing and opportunistic hillbillies with no sense of ethics, decency, or even legality.”

Indeed, while Hugh Rodham has yet to make headlines this cycle, last weekend, the New York Times published a story delving into Clinton’s youngest brother, Tony Rodham. The paper reported he had repeatedly tried to profit from his connection to the former first family.

The newspaper pointed to a wide range of Tony Rodham’s business activities including a Haitian gold mining venture and speeches he gave before Chinese investor conferences and a California cosmetics company.


Hillary Clinton’s brothers could cause major problems for her presidential campaign – Yahoo Finance



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