Hillary’s Central Email Claim Debunked, but that’s not what’s most concerning [VIDEO]

Former State Department Watchdog opened up to Fox News and debunked the central email claims made by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Say what you will but after hearing his comments on the matter, if there is anyone out there that still supports Hillary for president then they have no care for the security of the American people. Has anyone asked her will she maintain a private email server if she is to become the president?

What is most concerning is she is still maintaining that she did no wrong. As Secretary of State for the United States of America she knew better, she intentionally set this up, she has been caught in manipulation and lies and it seems there will be no indictment. I am sad for my America.

FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE By Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne:

The State Department’s former top watchdog, in an interview with Fox News, rejected Hillary Clinton’s repeated claims that her personal email use was in line with her predecessors’ – while saying he would have immediately opened an investigation if he caught wind of a secretary of state using such an account.

Howard Krongard, a George W. Bush administration appointee who served as the State Department inspector general from April 2005 to January 2008, cited his own experience in challenging Clinton’s insistence that her practices were nothing out of the ordinary.


He said it would take a deliberate act for the intelligence to “jump the gap” between the classified computer networks and Clinton’s personal server.

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