Hillary’s Dream of Open Borders is DANGEROUS [Video]

This is all about how Hillary Clinton has a dream about open borders. For her, it is a dream to have NO borders in the western hemisphere. That would cover about 600 million people. This is from a Wikileaks released email of her speech to Brazilian bankers. She was paid $250 K to tell them her fondest dream. Right. Newt Gingrich talks about this is in the video and shows how Donald Trump could best use it. 


As reported by and seen first on Fox News:

We finally know why Hillary Clinton refused to release the transcripts of her paid speeches to bankers and special interests. When her staff assembled a list of the most damaging comments in those transcripts, they must have seen immediately that they could not afford for the material ever to be made public.

In one speech, Hillary described how politicians often “need both a public and a private position.” She elaborated that at times, Abraham Lincoln had a public position that was different from the private, secret goal he was actually pursuing.

The list of speech excerpts, in emails made public this month by WikiLeaks, didn’t require us to look far to discover Hillary Clinton’s own secret goal.

In a secret, $225,000 speech to Brazilian bankers in 2013, she let her mask down revealed the goal she truly wants to pursue…..

Full story Here:

Newt Gingrich: Hillary’s dangerous dream of open borders | Fox News

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