Hillary’s Lawyer May Have Exposed Entire Server to China??

It is probable that Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, Heather Samuelson, served up all of Clinton’s emails. Heather’s laptop was a Lenovo model with Superfish installed by the manufacturer to allow browsers to place  ads. It also opens the doors to hacking. House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte wants to know if the FBI got hold of this computer. Read more here.

As Written By Joel Gehrke for the Washington Examiner:

Hillary Clinton‘s lawyer may have allowed hackers to obtain all of the former secretary of state’s emails by reviewing the contents of her private server on a laptop tied to Chinese cyberspies, a House Republican charged on Friday.

Heather Samuelson was one of the Clinton aides who sifted through the private email server used during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, and helped decide which would be designated as personal messages and which were work-related. That’s when the potential Chinese hacks may have taken place, because she used two laptops made by Lenovo, a company with ties to the Chinese government that has sold laptops for years with malware pre-installed on the computer.

“It seems clear that Secretary Clinton and her associates played fast and loose with our national security, and yet no one — not a single person involved in this harmful fiasco — has been held accountable,” House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote to FBIDirector James Comey after learning the make and model of Samuelson’s computer…… 

Full Story Continues Here: Washington Examiner

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