Hillary’s Response Speaks Volumes After Being Grilled on Bill and Loretta’s Tarmac Metting [Video]

I this video you will see one of those rare times when former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, did not receive a set of softball questions from a member of the mainstream media. You will see and hear PBS anchor Judy Woodruff grill Hillary on the infamous tarmac meeting. Then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch net Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, when their airplane happened to be at the same airport. You will hear Judy Woodruff ask about the implications of that meeting and see how Hillary reacts. Not satisfied with the attack on James Comey, Ms. Woodruff goes back to the question a second time. The responses by Clinton are very telling as you will see.

As Written By Chris Enloe for The Blaze:

PBS anchor Judy Woodruff grilled Hillary Clinton over the infamous “tarmac meeting” her husband, former President Bill Clinton, had with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch last summer days before FBI Director James Comey announced he wouldn’t recommend charges against her over her use of a private email server. But Clinton wasn’t having any of it.

What was she asked?

One of Clinton’s main targets for excusing why she lost the presidential election last November has been Comey. She says the investigation, his letters to Congress less than two weeks before the election, and the scathing rebuke he gave of her on national TV last July contributed to a poor public perception of her, and therefore, her loss.

But is it really Comey’s fault? Woodruff wanted to know.

“My question is: He was in the role he was in because Loretta Lynch had pulled back and essentially turned over the leading roll in overseeing the FBI’s investigation into your emails because of that meeting on the airport tarmac with your husband. … To what extent did Loretta Lynch and President Clinton make a ……..


Watch: Hillary Clinton gets grilled over infamous ‘tarmac meeting’ — her response speaks volumes – TheBlaze

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