Holy Smokes! U.S Air Force official goes off on lawmakers “Enough is enough!”

U.S Air Force official goes off on lawmakers “Enough is enough!”

The Secretary of the United States Air Force recently went off on the continued downsizing of the military. The U.S. Air Force has reached a record low it has not seen in over twenty five years.


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The U.S. Air Force has a quarter of the number of fighter squadrons it did 25 years ago and two-thirds of the active duty airmen, a drop that threatens U.S. air superiority, defense officials told lawmakers on Friday.


‘Enough is enough,’ Air Force Secretary Deborah James told lawmakers in the House of Representatives as she defended a Pentagon budget request that exceeds federal spending caps. ‘Given the state of the world … the number one thing we have to stop is this downsizing.’


But members of the defense appropriations subcommittee said President Barack Obama’s 2016 Pentagon base budget of $534 billion exceeded spending caps by nearly $35 billion and would have to be cut.

Some $10 billion of that would have to come from the Air Force request, they said.


‘The budget he (Obama) submitted … frankly is politically … a fantasy,’ said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma. ‘It’s not going to pass, and he knows that.’


Cole said he hoped lawmakers ultimately would be able to reach a bipartisan deal to provide some relief from the spending limits.



U.S. Air Force officials say budget cuts and non-stop war have threatened U.S. air superiority | Daily Mail Online.


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